Many times, in life we act quickly over our rights to respond an offense, and in most cases, the aggravation continues, as these actions cause other adverse reactions, which sometimes ends up extending the problem without an end.

In reality, we have the moral ‘right’ to react to these offenses.

We have the right to divorce if we have been betrayed, or the right to condemn to death an assassin, or to throw out of the house we rent, a family who has not paid the rent. But these will carry dreadful consequences, not only for the offenders, but also for us.

If we divorce, the family and the dreams we had when we started our marriage, will be destroyed, and a scar of mistrust will be created in our souls, as well as a sense of worthlessness in the soul of the offender.

If we execute a killer, we will disregard his possible late repentance, making him doubt the mercy of YHVH, and we will have eliminated a life from earth, that may have changed for good, once the realized his deadly destiny. This apart from the unavoidable spiritual damage of insensitivity the killing of the murderer will cause on the executioner.

If we expel someone from our rental property, we will recover our state, to rent it our again to another, but the man, woman or family we are expelling may have no other place to go, and we will bring hell upon those people.

Certainly, the eternal justice of GOD, allows for all these actions, which are strictly justified.

BUT GOD, has other way better than that, and it is there to be followed for anyone who wants to be closer to HIM, and progress spiritually, more like our eternal GOD AND FATHER. 

The path of FORGIVENESS.

As limited human beings, we are allowed to exercise perfect justice, even without mercy, as basic material beings.  But as children of GOD, we are expected to act on a higher level than the material plain, because we are more than animals. Humans are called to imitate GOD in all their existence, as much as they can.

If we simply pay ‘eye for an eye’ to everyone, we will be acting as insensitive creatures. And the evil who perpetrated those crimes will have succeeded, even when we caught and condemn the criminals.

We will damage our families, we will become hardened by the spilling of human blood, and we will kill our love for others when we decide to ignore someone else’s pain. Satan still will end up with the wining card.

But if we follow the example of YHVH, and exercise forgiveness, then Satan will bite his tongue, because we will save our marriage, save our children’s home.

We will demonstrate to the assassin, that GOD is truly merciful if he repents and changes, and we will have saved a soul for GOD.

We will lose money momentarily, but we will save a man, a woman or a family, from sleeping on the streets, or to incur into criminal activity in order to have a roof over their heads, and we know that YHVH blesses immediately whoever acts by assisting others financially, by bringing more material benefits to the good doer, even more money, apart from mercy and spiritual blessings.

FORGIVENESS is a faculty that GOD has granted into all intelligent beings, because HE is merciful.

The practice of mercy, guarantees our forgiveness from GOD, when we confess our sins to HIM.

Because it is divine, forgiveness is an altruistic attitude that destroys all hate, and hardness of heart in the man who practices it, and destroys all plans from sin, to destroy our lives.