GENESIS 13:14-15


There is the opinion that the modern state of ISRAEL, is an invented ‘state’ that came to invade the already existing state of Palestine, and now they reside there as an invading, genocidal force, having robed the land they occupy from the Arabs that were living there before.

Even though in reality, the ‘State of Palestine’ did not exist until 1988, and they were the ones who refused the idea of two independent countries, ISRAEL and PALESTINE over the land they both occupy today, according to the UN proposal of 1947, ISRAEL has coped most of the international condemnation for coming to take a place that was granted to them by England, and wining the genocidal Arab wars even against 6 powerful countries at the same time, JORDAN, SYRIA, UAR, KUWAIT, IRAQ and SAUDI ARABIA, during the ‘SIX DAY WAR’ in 1967, where in this brief time, ISRAEL defeated all of them, and took land from them.

But what should we know about ISRAEL coming back to claim this land that belonged to them, until the year 70CE?

The reason why ISRAEL is seen as an ‘invading force’ is due to the lack of knowledge of the Jewish scriptures regarding this nation and this land.


1 - CHRISTIANS, especially the traditional churches, like the Orthodox communions, and the Roman Catholic church, and her immediate protestant daughters, like the Anglicans, Lutherans and Reformed, denied this right to ISRAEL, because they have the idea that the promises made by GOD to Abraham, ended after their rejection of Jesus as Messiah, and that all these promises are now ‘spiritualized’ and given to the Catholic church, or Orthodox, or Christians in general only, and not the Jews.

Apart from this, they also created the idea that the old ISRAEL, or even JUDA, do not exist anymore, because of the mixed DNA of all remaining Jews today, after they came back from the diaspora, almost 2000 years later.

2 - ARABS, most of them Muslims, do not consider at all the Tanakh or the New Testament as ‘revealed word of GOD’, but they have their own ‘revealed’ book, the KORAN, where there is no mention about any land given to the Jews at all.

This view, plus the denial of the other half Christian Arabs, definitely sees ISRAEL only as a human phenomenon, an abusive invader, that systematically is taking more and more land, killing the Palestinians, as they go, slowly, in a silent ‘ethnic cleansing’.

But both forget that GOD knows the future, and that HE is no human to retract from anything.


YHVH gave the land where the modern state of ISRAEL exists, as a reward to the faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and with the intention of creating a nation that will serve as a visible example of his will and love towards mankind.

In GENESIS 13:14-15, YHVH GOD, confirms this promise to Abraham, under a covenant (Genesis 15), to be FOREVER.

The grant of this land to the Israelites, of whom, the Jews are the known survivors, even though their DNA has adopted gentile additions through intermixing, was given with the total knowledge of GOD of their imperfections, betrayals, denial of Jesus, crucifixion, the Nazi holocaust, and the rest, to be not until the year 70, or the 20th century, but for ALL TIMES, FOREVER, without an ending date.

ISRAEL in the Christian scriptures, is also seen as a continuing force in GOD’s plan for the world, besides Christianity.

In ROMANS 11, the Christian Paul, speaks of how ISRAEL was left aside for a moment, due to their unbelief, but they will be also reinserted again in the future and be saved, after the number of non-Jews predestined to salvation converts to GOD

(Romans 11:25-26).


Despite Christianity, and the sins that the ethnically intermixed ISRAEL has, the promises of GOD towards the children of Jacob remain forever.

These are not promises of spiritual salvation. That is another topic, and it is private between every Jewish and GOD HIMSELF, but they are promises of a homeland, or peace, and material prosperity, that for a nomad like Abraham, it was a good blessing.

This divine promise does not cover up the sins and crimes of every single Jew, or even of all of them as a nation. GOD does not condone sin (Deuteronomy 18:9-12; Romans 11:21-22), but blesses the righteous and calls into judgement the evil ones, whoever they are, Jew or gentile.

But it is important to understand that ISRAEL is there because GOD wants them there, forever, and nobody will ever be able take them from there again.

To try to cast them out of their territory, is a fight against GOD HIMSELF, and always will end up with the defeat and death of the aggressors who may try it.

“GOD is not human, that HE should lie, not a human being, that HE should change his mind”