There are some active Muslims that enter Christian groups or intervene Christian women in order to gain them as converts to their religion, and they do it with such enthusiasm that they even get very angry if one speaks about his prophet, as if he wasn’t a prophet at all.

The upset reaction is understandable, being they Islamic believers, but what does not make sense, is the fact that they get upset with the rejection from Christians, within a Christian group, which also should be understandable by them, but it is not, as it is not either, the fact that they expect Christians marrying Muslims, to convert to Islam, and not the Islamic member to convert to Christianity.

All these things, leave perfectly clear that Islam is a proud religion, that teaches and assumes, that everyone else is wrong, especially Christians and Jews, the so called ‘People of the Book’.

And this is especially encouraged by the na├»ve approval of some, who have a high opinion of them, just because they praise Mary, the mother of Jesus, and to which we can add women driven by sensual reasons to the erotic drive of the Arab race, of proven renown in the world, together with the black race, only that more civilized. 

But all these ‘Christians’ who give in to Islam, are all insulting the person of the man that they are supposed to follow as their teacher and leader, JESUS OF NAZARETH.

Not only is dishonorable for Jesus, that after probably decades of allegiance, he is left aside suddenly for the physical care of another human, descending thus to animal levels, as they abandon the spirit for animal passions.

It is dishonorable as well to shake hands with people who submit the person of Jesus, to the feet of Mohammed, by calling Mohammed ‘The Best Man that ever existed’, while these ‘Christians’ center their eyes more on their sweet words towards Mary, than in the humiliated person of their founder.

But in reality, all this drama should be easily fixed.

There is no comparison between the person of Jesus and the Arab Mohammed.

To reasonable human standards, Mohammed was not a bad man, but a man of his time and place.

Like most nomadic Arabs, he was violent, because the times demanded to be strong enough to protect your life and family in a land with no law.

Like most Arabs, he had a high libido, that drove him to have sex from early age, to add many slaves with whom also had sex as ‘his property’, among them, women that were married already.

Since he produced no miracle, no prophecy or any super-natural work that proved that he really was a prophet of GOD, by the ancient biblical standards, and reason, he could not have been more than a deceived man, because apparently, he truly believed that he was a messenger from GOD ALMIGHTY, but he never proved.

And most of all, he was a sexual degenerate.

A pedophile, and possibly also homosexual.

Even though originally, all over the world, a young woman was given in marriage by the age of her second menstruation, Mohammed bought his last wife, Aisha, when she was six, from her father Abu Bakar, in exchange for the succession as leader of the Umma, and without any delay, even though she was still far from menstruating and distant by GOD’s decision to be sexually inducted, Mohammed used to take naked baths with her when she was still six, until nine years old, making her to sexually stimulate him in the bath, until finally he had intercourse with her by the age of nine.

While she was growing, totally subservient to the only man she ever knew, Mohammed used to dress up in her female clothes, in order to ‘receive revelations’ (1)


Jesus of Nazareth was a calm, merciful person, even in times of more violence than Mohammed’s, and in a place that lived in constant state of war with Rome.

Jesus was a chaste man, of not known sexual partner of any kind, always behaving like a male, and always free of double intentions in his dealings with the public.

Jesus was never a slave trader, never abuses sexually any woman, married or single, or children of any kind.

Jesus used to care for children like a father, but never as sexual objects.

Jesus claimed to be prophet of GOD, and proved it with miracles, prophecies, and resurrections, giving thus, according to biblical standards and to the level of reason, the necessary proofs to prove his claim.

And all these things, without even touching his immaculate morality and social behavior, and his alleged resurrection.

IN CONCLUSION, there is no point in comparison a person that does not even add to the feet of the holy Servant of GOD, JESUS OF NAZARETH.

Even the thought of comparing them, is disrespectful and humiliating.

Let us honor our teacher Jesus, because he loved us dearly and died for us.

From his mouth no lie, no deceit or word of violence or murder came out, and always spoke to all of us, men, women and children with a pure heart and mind, honoring never himself, but GOD YAHVEH, under whose NAME he preached and performed miracles, showing the love of GOD for us.

Honor and glory be to you always JESUS OF NAZARETH.



(1)       Al-Bukhari, Hadith Number 2442.