The Bible tells stories of how the ancient patriarchs committed sins and were granted mercy, thus surviving the consequences of their mistakes.

Genesis 12 and 20 tells us of prophet Abraham giving his wife to other men in order to save his life and gain profit.

Genesis 19 speaks of the daughters of Lot, sleeping with their drunk father in order to have descendants because no other men wanted them.

2Samuel 11, tells us how King David committed adultery with the wife of Urias, one of his soldiers, and how being unable to hide his sin, he plotted the murder of this man, so that he could retain his widow wife as his.

Like these terrible cases, we all sin. Maybe not as bad, but we all brake YHVH’s commands several times through our lives.

But these examples were given to us in the Bible, because, by seeing the love and mercy of GOD on big sinners, we may not feel left behind for lesser sins, or in some cases, even as bad.

But there was a difference between these sinful patriarchs, and the common pagan sinner, and that is, that they knew YHVH.

Even when their knowledge of YHVH made their guilt worse, because they knew they were doing wrong, this same faith then moved them to repentance, and we know GOD is always ready to forgive a repentant child of His:

“You, YHVH, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you.”

Psalm 86:5

In the same way, YHVH GOD, our loving FATHER, is always waiting for every sinner to come to his senses and come to HIM in repentance.

YHVH loves us more than our parents, or partners or children. For the person that we may love, or loved us the most in this life, YHVH’s LOVE is even greater, because HE is the creator of that love we feel.

We need no sacrifice of atonement, no intermediary, because GOD knows us even better than we know ourselves, and HE LOVES us so much, that HE never denies forgiveness to a repentant child of His.

All we need, is repentance, and a firm resolution to live according to YHVH’s commands, and to do reparation for the hurt we have cause according to our possibilities. BUT YHVH HAS ALREADY FORGIVEN US.