In Protestant Christianity, mostly due to the trauma suffered during the violent reformation days, the person of St Mary, the mother of Lord JESUS, is usually relegated to almost total silence, and among American evangelicals, is almost an act of idolatry to even mention her name on special days, like Easter.

But regardless these human concerns, the New Testament and apocrypha, contain enough information about Mary, which is all we have about her person, to make an assessment about the role and pain the mother of JESUS must have suffered during his passion and death.

When Mary and Joseph took Lord JESUS to be circumcised, as the Law commanded, the elder Simeon said to Mary:

“Behold, this Child is appointed to cause the rise and fall of many in Israel, and to be a sign that will be spoken against, 35so that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed— AND A SWORD WILL PIERCE YOUR SOUL AS WELL.”

(Luke 2:34-35).


It was Mary the only woman chosen in all eternity, to be the mother of JESUS, and that alone put her in a closer relationship with JESUS more than any other person in all eternity. And we say in all eternity, because JESUS did not incarnate before or planned to do it again. So eternally, MARY OF NAZARETH will be the mother of Jesus in the flesh.

But she was not only chosen for this role, but she accepted it freely, without understanding fully what it would bring, but trusting totally in GOD (Luke 1:38).

She nursed her baby taking care of herself, and later, by taking care of Lord JESUS, the MAKER OF THE UNIVERSE, after He was born, feeding Him, changing his nappies, and giving Him tender love and protection, under the guardianship of Joseph, the putative father of Lord JESUS, partner and head of the family.

She developed love for her own son, mostly not because she knew He was the Son of GOD, but because He was formed in her womb.


When GOD ALMIGHTY YHWH, through his Spirit, created JESUS in Mary’s womb, He was born as an embryo, and lasted the nine months as any human lasts in her mother’s belly.

JESUS was not IMPLANTED into Mary, because it was necessary that a true human be born to replace Adam and the human race, so GOD initiated the incarnation procedure from step one, through conception.

Therefore, the development of the human body of Lord JESUS took the normal process of all human babies, taking DNA from Mary has her own mother, that united with the miraculous DNA created by GOD, that gave birth to human JESUS.

This closeness between Mary and Jesus, is also another factor that unites for eternity the human Mary and the person of her own son, JESUS CHRIST. That alone, made Mary a true mother of Jesus and not just a womb for hire. JESUS WAS TRULY HER SON, AND WILL BE FOR ALL ETERNITY.


That way, loving JESUS like a mother loves the product of her own womb, being Jesus truly her son, an excruciating pain must she have felt when she saw her beloved son being tortured and humiliated by the Romans, and furthermore, being nailed to the cross to that excruciating death.

Not only that destroyed Mary’s heart, but also her own believing soul, being unable to do anything, and trusting LORD GOD YHWH that HE would restitute her son to life, as HE had promised and JESUS many times said (Luke 9:22), regardless of all the horror she was seeing.


St Mary of Nazareth is the best example of submission to the will of GOD, and faithfulness to her call.

She submitted to the desire of the Father GOD in all trust, and remained faithful to HIM all along, through Herod’s threats, through foreign distrust in Egypt, through adversity in her own community and the synagogue, through the apprehension of Jesus, his suffering and death, and not for a moment, she doubted GOD, her mission and her love never dismayed.

She left humanity the best lesson of all to follow before our Father in Heaven, that we should never disregard.

And as a reward, she always will be sitting in Glory, closest to her Son and the Father, together with the apostles and the prophets of GOD, for all eternity.

Omar Flores