A few days ago I heard a friend say that Islam was superior to Christianity because Islam was unique and had no differences, because their book had no mistakes, and they did not vary in interpretation.

This notion is also promoted by Islamic missionaries who try to ridicule the Bible in comparison with the Koran, but is that true?


Like all human phenomenon, Islam had also differences from the very beginning, but not only that, it has been stained with murder from the very beginning, in contrast with all other religions in the world, specially Christianity.

After Muhammad, Islam divided itself in two, the party that followed ABU-BAKAR and the other who supported Muhammad’s son in law, ALI IBN ABI TALIB, as legitimate successors of Muhammad, creating the SUNNIS (Abu Bakar), and SHIAS (Ali).

But that did not stop there. More divisions occurred within these two main branches.

SUNNIS divided in ISLAMISTS, SALAFISTS, WAHHABIS, and AHLE HADIT, based specifically in the way they interpreted the SHARIA LAW of the Koran.

SHIAS, divided in THE TWELVERS, who later divided into Alevi and Bektashi.

In ISMAELIS, who later also divided into Nizārī, Sevener, Musta‘lī, Dawudi Bohra, Hebtiahs Bohra, Sulaymani Bohra, and Alavi Bohra.

Also the ZAYDIZ, the ALAWITES, and the DRUZ, who later accept one of their Imams, as the incarnation of Allah, and are therefore rejected strongly by all other sects; as well as the BAHAI.

The KHARIJITE, who departed from the SHIA sect very early in their history over successions of Imams, and later the SUFRIS and IBADI divided from this movement.

SUFISM is also a separation but this one occurred within SUNNI and SHIA, and is a mystical form of religiosity within these two sects. (1)


Despite the Koran being formed within the first 20 years of existence, the Islamic book also contains serious historical as well as religious errors in its pages.

Some examples are:

The Earth is the center of the universe – Surah 36:37-40.

Earth existed before the stars – Surah 41:11-12.

The Sun and the Moon have the same size and distance from Earth – Surah 75:8-9.

Every living creature comes as male and female – Surah 51:49.

There are only four kinds of cattle – Surah 39:6.

Mary part of the Trinity – Surah 5:116.

Mary sister of Aaron – Surah 19:27-28.

Samaritans existed in ancient Egypt – Surah 20:85,95.


Despite the Koran being formed in 20 years from the death of Muhammad, it contains so many obvious historical and scientific errors that only denotes ignorance on the writer and cannot be the product of a divinity.

But not only this, professing being the creation of GOD, its policies are so unprecise that the difference of opinion on the interpretation of their SHARIA code varied so much, that provoked all the sects within SUNNIS.

Like all human experiences, the Koran shows to be not different than any other book, subjected to errors and different interpretation, and has indeed, many sects.

Omar Flores.

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