SLEEP PARALYSIS

An alleged medical condition exists, where a person, when he or she, is in between sleep, or semi-conscious. They all report to see or feel a presence, with negative repercussions, either looking at them or walking towards them.

They all report the same symptoms. Extreme fear, a cold breeze, inability to speak, and some have even seen the ‘shadow’, as it is commonly called this ‘presence’, in the shape of a human situate.

Whatever science says it is, there are certain common marks in all the cases.  The presence is always in a shadow form, always male, always evil, and always causes temporal paralysis.

In the physical world, always everything has a material connection, regardless of the origin of the action or event.

Murder is a spiritual evil, but stops material human life;

Witchcraft is a spiritual event, but it affects the matter that surrounds us;  

Music in general, is a material event, but it affects our emotions, therefore, our spiritual essence.

Science will always notice and study the physical part of an illness, but that does not necessarily mean that the origin of the sickness is physical in every case. Some have spiritual origin, or it transfers quickly to the spiritual dimension, like mental disorder; and pills and therapies alone, will not solve the problem.

Saint Paul speaks in his letter to the Ephesians, that

“Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

Ephesians 6:12

Sleep Paralysis, judged by the traces and recurring universal symptoms, it seems to be a spiritual attack more than a physical or mental illness.

When Paul says that our battle is not against ‘flesh and blood’, he is by extension including this medical report. It is not against human or material problems, but against demonic powers that live around humans all the time, whether we notice them or not, and that sometimes attacks us.

For Christians, who have the discernment of the Holy Spirit, and the experience of a life time in the footsteps of our Lord JESUS CHRIST, we can clearly see in the common patters demonic activity. Next thing to that, it would be demonic possession.

Whenever this occurs it is important to remain calm. Do not give in to the fear the demon is trying to infuse in you. Comprehend that a demon is a limited created being, is not a ‘god’. He cannot force you, or possess you if you don’t let him. It is like dealing with a stronger man, that is all.

If you cannot speak, pray in your mind and call JESUS for help, and as soon as you can speak, start claiming and praising the Name of Jesus clearly and loudly, and reject the demons in His HOLY NAME. And openly order the demons to leave your presence IN THE NAME OF JESUS, by also proclaiming your allegiance and obedience to Him alone.

DO NOT INSULT THE DEMON, just order him to leave in the Name of JESUS. Not in the name of Saint Mary, or an Apostle, or through any other person or artefact, but of JESUS ALONE.

After the spirit leaves, pray to Jesus and thank Him for this and his atonement on the Cross, and ask Him to watch over you the rest of the night.

This may occur again, (Luke 4:13), and again you must follow the same procedure. Eventually, the demons will abandon the attempt for ever.

JESUS already defeated Him, it is only that he refuses to accept it.

Omar Flores.