One of the most important parts of Jesus’s preaching, was the eschatological warnings He gave us.

His words in his famous speech about the future of Jerusalem, encompasses all his teachings on the topic:

“When you see all these things, you know that he is near, at the very gates”

Matthew 24:33

When Jesus said this, He was referring strictly to the future destruction of Jerusalem by Titus (Matthew 24:2), almost 70 years afterwards. But according to other tones in the prophecy, it is clear He also meant it as a call to watch his return (Matthew 24:29-31).

We have seen many problems in the world in history. From political disturbances, to increase in crime, and natural disasters; but the world still goes on. In fact, the early Church expected the return of our Lord Jesus Christ sooner of what it has taken (Romans 13:11; 1Peter 4:7; James 5:8), and we are still waiting, so what has happened with the return of Christ?.

Some things were expected sooner than later.

The return of the Jews to their home land (Isaiah 11:11-12); the rebuilding of a third temple (Matthew 24:15-21); the Great Apostasy (1Timothy 4:1) and the appearance of the Antichrist (2Thessalonains 2:3-4).

These days, we see clearly the fulfilment of the return of Israel, the gradual increase of apostasy, but still await the reconstruction of a third Jewish temple and the appearance of the Beast. Nevertheless, we must keep watchful (Luke 21:36).

In the meanwhile, other things have been adding to the conditioning of the last days. The advancement of technology, that makes mass communication and control possible; the relativization of absolutes in modern thinking; the acceptance of transgenderism; and the creation of electronic economic transactions; all make more possible one world government or form of universal control, and eventually, there won’t be East and West, North or South, Right or Left; and not even genders or races.  The world it is closing borders before our eyes, and in this reduced world, it is not us who are holding the strings. The conditions are been given for world control, and it is ready for the Beast to take control.

Also, religious truth has been relativized, and all absolute truth suppressed. Now, modern religion is becoming an amalgamation of beliefs and practices, that makes the world ready for the appearance of the False Prophet as well.

This time we see clearly, and not like apostle Paul, who claimed to see like through a foggy glass (1Corinthians 13:12). The time is near. We don’t know how near, but it is definitely a lot closer than ever was, and it is advancing fast.

The faithful remnant, will not be found in the traditional institutions or churches, because all of them will eventually be part of the antichristian establishment.

The Lord left a simple fold, and when He returns, He will also find a faithful, simple fold.

Let us keep watch, faithful to the Scripture, because our liberation is nearer than ever.

Omar Flores.