The air we breath is conformed of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 1% of Water, 0.9% of Argon, and 0.04% of Carbon Dioxide.

Life would not be possible without this air on the surface of the planet, among them, human life.

But from all these ingredients, the basic element is Oxygen, which is the chemical that causes combustion in the lungs and allows us to breath and renew our physical composition.

But this Oxygen, the way we can inhale it, is in diatomic form, meaning, it can only be in two atoms of Oxygen linked together at the time.

A monoatomic form of Oxygen, meaning present in a single atom, or with three atoms instead, which is Ozone; both can be lethal to human and animal life, making life on the Earth impossible.

Breathable Oxygen can only be present in two atoms linked together at the time, which form a single molecule of Oxygen, which in turn, mixed with the other above-mentioned agents, conform the air we need to continue living.

Another particularity is that this O2, can only be found on this planet; so much on the surface of the Earth, as in the water, but all trapped within the dome of the Atmosphere.

We see earthquakes, continental plates crashing against each other, sudden changes in temperature and other violent changes that upset the life balance on Earth, and even end many forms of life on the planet; but never a single atom less or more in the Oxygen we need to breath.

Two thousand years ago, a famous Christian said:

“For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made.”

Romans 1:20

If we see clearly that many things can and do change in nature, beyond our control, why things like the Oxygen composition do not?

The mystery of life denotes a designer’s will, all-powerful and above our control, that clearly expresses his desire for human life to exist.

Only this planet has, like in the case of Oxygen 2, the necessary elements to produce and sustain human life, and do not change under any natural circumstance.

It is like an invisible force has predetermined its composition and length of reach in order to allow human and animal existence only on this planet, and not beyond the Supreme Will of the Creator.

We did not create these conditions, neither we can change them.  They were made and settled before we appeared on Earth, and this same invisible force has decreed that it should continue present, making human life possible only on this planet and not beyond, for now.

And this invisible force, is what we call GOD.

Omar Flores.