What race was the first human couple in order to give origin to all the different races we have these days?.

That is question commonly asked to Christians by non-believers and sceptics. It is important to note that ‘race’ here is understood as phenotypical human groups, strictly based on similar physical appearance, and not by social or any other characteristics.


The Bible teaches that all humanity comes from one single couple, name ‘Man and Woman’, (Adam and Ishsha)(Genesis 1:27; 2:32), commonly known as ‘Adam and Eve’ or ‘Man and the Life-Giver’ (Genesis 3:20; Acts 17:26).

Even though it is commonly accepted that all races developed from three major branches, white, negro and yellow, from each of the three sons of Noah; Shem, Ham and Japheth (Genesis 6:10), there is no reason to attribute this to any other cause than they already inherited this racial differences from their forefathers, and ultimately from Adam and Eve (Acts 17:26; Malachi 2:10).

This will indicate that from the first two humans, at least one of them, in this case, the Man (Adam), must have been a vessel to all these three basic races, that later on through intermixing and other natural circumstances developed into the variants we have today.

For this reason, Adam could not qualify as either ‘White, or Black or Yellow’, but only as a perfect intermixed individual, carrying these three variants in himself, with most certain Mediterranean complexion, most probably of olive skin, dark to brown hair and strong physical balance and build. However, these are only hypotheses and cannot be determine with certainty.


The purpose for Scripture is to teach that all humans from all races are basically of same worth. There is no evolution or some races inferior to others by nature, since they all come from a common ancestor created to the Image and Likeness of God.

Omar Flores.    


  1. In other words, you don't know either....no better info than before I read this .

  2. "you don't know either.."??? are you kidding me?
    Omar F. Good job with answering the question with a good attempt to eliminate ignorance, and I quote, "The purpose for Scripture is to teach that all humans from all races are basically of same worth. There is no evolution or some races inferior to others by nature, since they all come from a common ancestor created to the Image and Likeness of God."

  3. Looks to me that God created each race separately. For what reason...who knows. However, how could all the different races come from Adam and Eve? No matter what they looked like or their skin color. Why are there some diseases that occur more often in certain races? One that I have heard of back in the late 1960's was sickle cell anemia. That is occur more often in Blacks and Hispanics. Why is that? Other races have different diseases that occur in them more often as well. If Adam and Eve were the only humans God created, then would not every one be of the same race? I have wondered about this for many years and I have never found an answer for this.

    1. The races developed over the millenia from Noah's descendants migrating to different corners of the world and their bodies adapting to the environment. It is a known scientific fact that mankind started near the middle east. As they branched of into groups, the climate and physical environment altered physical features of skin and hair colour, eye shape, body structure and height, lung capacity...and even blood type, and even what was eaten. Which was determined again by the environment, determined biological changes and thus leading to certain groups more prone to developing certain disorders, to name a few of the differences between races. Cultures and languages began to vary . That being said, our biological differences as races is known to be such a tiny portion of our entire genome as humans...we are all essentially biologically the same, other than being male and female. By chromosome, male and female is determined by one single difference of having an x or y...but this makes all the difference in developing as male or female
      But those racial differences have been horrifically abused to decemate racial groups and their cultures.

    2. Think about animals. there are varieties. Black cat, orange, white, grey, striped, spotted, calico, etc.

  4. I entered the comment above. Why did my email not come up with the comment when I posted it? It was showing when I started posting it.

  5. Adam and Eve were of a similar stock. They were not mixed race or mulattoes. They were stable kinds of one race. As God had initially commanded when He created land animals "to reproduce 'kind after kind.'" It is more biblical to state that Adam and Eve were of a ruddy / light olive-tone complexion to survive in the pre-flood atmosphere at that time. Many Bible expositors have suggested (or presumed) (including YEC, Henry M. Morris) that there was just one race and one language spoken before the dispersion of peoples at the Tower of Babel. When God split up people and bounded them to their habitation (after the Tower of Babel) is when through micro evolution (adaptation, mutation, and natural selection) and divine providence of physiological changes, did the races of man come about.

    Simply stating that Adam and Eve were mulattoes who had the genes of every current race on earth is hardly defensible scientifically or Biblically. As their children by recombination of genes would have shown the phenotype of middle brown or dark skin and recessive genes and traits would eventually vanish. Additionally, this model is an attempt by some Creationist Organizations (AiG, CMI, etc) to build their narrative to combat racism but are actually presenting a model that is anti-God with a one-world bland mixing pot and globalist society where no nations, racial distinctions, or national boundaries exist. Which is totally unchristian and unbiblical. God did create variety and distinctions in animal kind just as He did in human kind. He created stable kinds of animals as well as the tribes, nations, clans, kindred (i.e. races) of man. If He wanted one blending mixed pot of humanity, then all people today would be a one bland brown kind with no distinctions at all. Sorry, but race is NOT a social construct! It is real, biological, and present in the world today!

  6. He and She changed when they sinned. They lost their original covering !

  7. Adam and Eve certainly had genes that could have developed through microevolution into the genome you see in mongoloid and negroid peoples. However, just as displayed at the Creation Museum in Kentucky, Adam and Eve would have had the facial features, bone structure and other phenotypical characteristics of the broad caucasoid racial group found in the people groups of Europe, Asia Minor, and the Middle East. The racial distinctions of the three broad races occurred after the Tower of Babel when people groups scattered to different regions through mutations, natural selection, and selective breeding! Adam and Eve were not mulattoes in the strict definition of the word, but had genes that could eventually create the different racial groups we see today in the world. You can’t dismiss environmental pressures in also causing some biological diversity in humankind either, as some Creation Scientists do all too conveniently sometimes! That explains the racial makeup of Adam and Eve!!!


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