The concept of the ‘Mark of the Beast’ comes from the book of Revelation 13:16-18; and it is the ‘mark’ the Antichrist and the False Prophet would demand from all humans in order to ‘buy and sell’.

Many times, afterwards, in the same book of Revelation, this mark is mentioned as a reason for condemnation, mentioning that:

“there will be no rest for those who worship the beast and its image, or for anyone who receives the mark of its name."
(Revelation 14:11)


Different theories have been given at different times in Christian history about what exactly is ‘the mark of the beast’.

Some have suggested that historical people’s names like Nero or Mohammed, through future literal electronic insertions into the human body, to simply being symbolic representations. But what ever these theories have suggested, they all agree that it represents conformism to the antichristian system that will persecute Christians at certain time in history, whether past, present or future.


Whatever the ‘mark’ itself it may be, it is a symbol of allegiance to the antichristian world who erects itself as opposer to God and anything godly.

By the way it is presented, it has to be manifested through a physical element, that would constitute a visible sign that can be used to continue normal living in an ungodly society.

Whatever it may be, a microchip, an identity card, a vaccine, the name of a leader, etc; it must be admitted willingly. Even if people were to be coerced or even violently forced to have the ‘mark’, the person must ultimately for whatever reason, admit having it or be part of; and there is where the guilt lies. Accepting willingly something we know is against God’s will, whether we believe it to be or not. To accept this distinctive, whatever it may be, means our consolidation with the system of the Antichrist, and therefore our condemnation together with him and all he represents.


But something that is frequently overlooked, it is that humans in this time of grace, which includes the time of the Antichrist; are still subjected to the same principles of salvation that have been given to humanity since Jesus died and resurrected, until his Second Coming, which is based on faith, repentance and perseverance. And as long as people have earthly life, there will always be an opportunity for repentance.

If an exercise of personal will is necessary to accept the ‘mark’ and become part of the evil system; this same personal will can be moved to repentance, and a human can brake that union with the evil system by braking that ‘mark’ in their lives.

If a marked person repents of accepting that symbol or addition to his body, he has while he is alive, the opportunity to revert that decision, either by removing the mark of themselves, by subtracting the injected element or by renouncing to the evil allegiance, and recover his communion with God.

The acceptance of the mark is certainly a grievous afront to God, and an expression of submission to Satan, but while a human being is alive, he or she, have the opportunity to repent and revert that decision before death, and return to God in repentance.

When the book Revelation speaks about the condemnation of those who ‘worshipped the beast and its image, and received the mark of its name” (Revelation 14:11), it is referring only to those who died in that condition, or those who got caught by judgement, beyond the opportunity of late repentance.

The doors to God are always open to all humans, while they are alive. With death, these doors get shut, and only those who already were inside will be saved.

Omar Flores.