From ancient times, the Christian Church in the West, has celebrated the Day of All Saints, on the 1st of November of every year, until now.

This day, Christians remember the holy martyrs, all holy people that have lived an exemplary life, known publicly or not, and our defunct relatives, in order to pray for them and commemorate their lives, imitating them in their good behaviour, thanking God for them.

Believers from all over the world, and from most denominations, will congregate in their Churches or privately, and offer God, thanks for the lives of all those holy men, women and children that one way or another, have lived a good Christian life, and that have become by God’s grace, a good example to follow for all other brothers and sisters in the faith.

Today, let us give God thanks for having chosen these holy saints as bearers of good news to the whole universal Church, and pray to Him, to give us equal strength, to imitate them during our daily lives, and in the final moment of our existence, to the Glory of His Holy Name.

In the Name of Jesus Christ.

Omar Flores.