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Divorce is a hard reality that many people have to face in these ungodly times, and that, sadly, includes Christians as well.
Divorce has been in history as the official break up of a legally recognized marriage, since the beginning of society; and it was also adopted by the early Jews during the times prior to the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.
In the Law of Moses, divorced dissolved the marriage union at the sole instance of the husband, by declaring that he was divorcing his wife, for any reason, while giving her a written statement of this. (Deuteronomy 24:1-2).
Jesus changed this Mosaic Law to the original form in Eden, teaching that marriage was for life, as God intended it to be, declaring also that any break up in marriage, except for sexual desire, was to be considered adultery:
“But I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, makes her the victim of adultery, and anyone who marries a divorced woman commits adultery” Matthew 5:32
“Because of yo…




One distinct feature of Christianity, it is the personal faith demanded from all humans, and the voluntary submission to God’s will through that faith placed on Jesus as the Son of God and Saviour of all humanity.
There is not ground to support infant baptism in the Scripture. All of the sections that deal with this sacrament, as well as with the Lord’s Supper; personal faith it is assumed from the recipients (Mark 16:16), and we are told that without faith, “we cannot please God” (Hebrews 11:6).
However, infants were commenced to be baptized after the apostolic era, under the belief that through the consecrated water of baptism, a newly born would be saved from Original Sin, thus ensuring their ‘salvation’, and Holy Communion given to them as a consequence, custom that was changed later in the West to a more conscious age.
But however these and other things were done, even in the case of some people believing in gracious justification of a newly baptized baby; all agreed that this bap…


Protestantism is the second largest form of the Christian Faith with more of 900 million adherents in the whole world, representing 40% of the whole Christian religion.
It officially started with the Reformation movement in the XVI century by Martin Luther, John Calvin and Thomas Crammer and that developed into a force that travelled to the whole world, and that has affected nations, culture and politics wherever it has gone.
Most people think that because the Reformation was started by several of these men independently from each other, they all are different Churches with opposite doctrinal beliefs and in enmity with one another. But this is not the case at all.
Contrary to the idea that the Church that Jesus founded, is a specific organization under an infallible human world leader; Protestantism acknowledges the Church of Christ to be a community of believers, organized under the instructions of Christ and his Apostles as expressed in the New Testament. In fact, on…


Most Christians agree that Adam and Eve were created immortal physically, that is, that they were never going to age and suffer death as we do today.
So, if the first human couple were immortal by nature, the question is:
Did they need to eat food in order to survive as humans do today?
First, we need to demystify the creation of human nature. The Bible speaks that God created the trees, green leaves and fruits as food for all living creatures, including animals and humans (Genesis 1:29-30). From this we deduct that when God said that humans would ‘Lord’ over all living creatures on the planet, He did not mean that we were going to use them as food or killing them (Genesis 1:28).
Another thing to consider is the circumstances to what the human nature would be subjected.
Adam and Eve were not given evil inclinations and uncontrollable passions like we experience today. They are the fruit of a post Adamic state, subjected to inclination to sin; but the first couple were …


It is believed by sections of the Christian population, that all ‘Servants of God’, that is, men and women who have dedicated their lives to serve God and the Church, and preaching the Gospel to all; have already won their entry to Heaven.
These, however, are two concepts totally distinct from each other, and places salvation on a personal meritorious scale, leaving aside the Atoning Sacrifice of our Lord Jesus for the salvation of our lives.
The idea itself, it is appealing to many. What else can an average human think of someone who preaches the Gospel, brings to salvation many lost people, lives according to the commandments of Lord Jesus, and miracles are performed through them?. The most logical thing would be to assume that God is with them, and at their moment of their death, their entry to God’s Presence is guarantee beyond any doubt.
If things are as good as that, it is very probable that they will be saved as we think, and not only that, rewarded greatly for their loyalty to G…


From ancient times, the Christian Church in the West, has celebrated the Day of All Saints, on the 1st of November of every year, until now.
This day, Christians remember the holy martyrs, all holy people that have lived an exemplary life, known publicly or not, and our defunct relatives, in order to pray for them and commemorate their lives, imitating them in their good behaviour, thanking God for them.
Believers from all over the world, and from most denominations, will congregate in their Churches or privately, and offer God, thanks for the lives of all those holy men, women and children that one way or another, have lived a good Christian life, and that have become by God’s grace, a good example to follow for all other brothers and sisters in the faith.
Today, let us give God thanks for having chosen these holy saints as bearers of good news to the whole universal Church, and pray to Him, to give us equal strength, to imitate them during our daily lives, and in the final moment of ou…