On the 31st of October of 1517, the Augustinian monk from Germany, Doctor in Theological Studies, Martin Luther nailed his 95th Thesis on the doors of the Roman Catholic Church of All Saints in Wittenberg, in Germany, where he disputed the power of the Roman Church to absolve punishment in Purgatory through money offerings.

Luther ideas sparked a religious reformation that soon spread all over continental Europe, then England, and then the rest of the world.

Reformed Christians all over the world, celebrate this day Reformation Day, that should be good to reflect in the achievements of the Reformation, as well as its mistakes, to improve our actions to a better service of God and the Universal Church.


Until then, the public adoration to God was done in old Latin, and unlikely any man was able to listen to the reading of the Scriptures, since this was done singing, and in a language not understood by anyone, except the educated clergy.

 The devotion and attention towards God became alienated, and instead a devotion to saints, relics and intermediary beings placed instead of a true devotion to a live God of old Christianity.

Use of Images and statues became predominant in public rituals, falling into idolatry.

People were persecuted for reading the Bible and praying Our Father in their own language; and many more distortions had crept over the Church in the world.

Through the Reformation, the Bible became available in local language for everyone to read it and understand it for first time. This led the Reformation to re-study Ecclesiological history through different eyes and judge the use of Patristics under the light of the newly discovered Bible.

For the first time in many years, the Sunday service to God was elevated in local languages, where the Bible was read and explained in a language that everyone could understand; and a close discipleship was established in local churches to all their members. And a new form of Christianity spread all over the planet liberating the people it got to, from centuries of ignorance.


But also, other problems came along with the Reformation.

Wars started between Catholics and Protestant Christians and between other sects.

Difference of opinions in drastic biblical matters developed into the formation of sects, who denied all society with denominational Christianity, known as ‘Restorationism’.

There is still a deep misunderstanding between Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants, that many times has no ground whatsoever, specially in the most radical societies of the planet; that needs to be solved.


But after all, we know that the Church is in the hands of God; and therefore, the birth of the Reformation, which is not a Church, but a Christian movement, composed today by thousands of independent denominations with ministerial and doctrinal intercommunion; it has come to pass and succeed by the impeccable Will of God.

Let us pray to God, to gives us strength and wisdom to continue faithful to his Gospel, preaching it as it is, without additions and substructions; and bring it to the whole World, as the tool of presentation of JESUS CHRIST, as the ONLY SALVIOUR of the entire world.

Happy Reformation Day, brothers and sisters.

Omar Flores.