After the Second World War, our countries in Latin America, were flooded by hundreds of migrants that came over to search for a new life of hope. They brought with them many great things, like money, customs, and looks that were not original from this part of the world; and settled here, to be made part of the future of these countries.

Some came with strong Christian beliefs, others came as current atheists, whit their classical view over every aspect of life, which ended up creating rejection for most of their political agendas and equalizing government.

But what all this caused in the end, it was a reformulation of traditional Christianity, and their application in all sorts of life in our existence.

In reality, we were not meant to leave them unattended, but to provide them with all the necessary help they needed to cooperate in the development of our countries. Now, these nations have reached a certain level of progress that almost equals to those countries that once upon a time send is their people. Now, it has come to the unspoken time of recognition, when we come out to rule the earth in front of anyone. The little foreign boys have become fully grown adults with demands and obligations that help to make them feel at home.

Our duty now is to present them with the gospel. Without asking them if they know it or not, we just must assume that they don’t and approach them with Salvation in our hands.

If they know it, their reaction will be of support and join us in the preaching to others, but if they are not, but are familiar with the Gospel of Christ, then we should present them in context according to their situations, and try to bring them to Christ, their Saviour.

We must don’t lose the hope in our hearts, that has been promised to us, that if we remain faithful, God will also be faithful. (Luke 4:43).

If we remain faithful to God and his truth, God will be with us every time we proclaim the Gospel to any human being. It is of supreme importance that we must not forget this, because the true proclamation of the gospel, it is done by words and miracles (Mark 16:20). Words carrying the reason of God to the minds of the hearers, and miracles from God, confirming the validity of that preaching we would be delivering at the time.

God works on people through Grace, but if we preach the Gospel of Christ in holiness, then it is much better. Let us not lose this of ourselves but use it as a sign for our operations.

If we preach the true Gospel of Salvation to anyone, according to God’s Will, then we are becoming instruments of his Grace and Power, and we constitute ourselves into real preachers of the Gospel before the whole world.

Omar Flores.