In these modern times, the efforts of Satan to destroy Christianity have shifted from the promotion of heretical ideas to the total discredit of Christianism as a revealed religion. This is mainly due to the age of secularism we live in. In the past, when people still had room in their lives for metaphysical ideas, the devil tried to distort true faith in order to deviate believers from the right path. In these times however, heretical ideas do not hold as much as disbelief does; so, the devil plays those cards now.

Lord Jesus prophesied once:

“Then they will deliver you over to be persecuted and killed, and you will be hated by all nations on account of My name.”
(Matthew 24:9)

How, in this modern era of reason and political correctness, would a social group like Christianity, that has shaped modern civilization, come to the point of being hated by everyone to the point of legal persecution?

To get to this point, the animosity against Christianity will have to be well extended and settled, for the civil rights of Christians to be lifted. And this could not happen for defending life, honesty, forgiveness or subjection to lawful authorities. That would be impossible. The only way that can happen, is if Christianity is seen as an obsolete obstacle for civilization. And this can only happen if the Christian view of life, like opposing to euthanasia, abortions, natality control, homosexuality, etc; it is seen as a nuisance by the whole world, and this discrepancy of opinion can only take place through unbelief; a denial of the Christian principles about the sacredness of life and the supernatural origin of the their faith.

For this reason, Christianity now faces a massive attack on two fronts.

Its leaders are displayed as immoral, negative characters who are not apt to live in society, through the generalization of scandals committed by some bad elements.

Secondly, the Scripture is attacked as an obsolete book made up of ancient fables and legends, in order to discredit its teachings. The plan is, that if doctrinal credibility is destroyed and moral standing debunked; Christianity ceases to be a good influence in the world, and therefore, marked to be erased from human everyday life.

In response to this, we all must elevate the standard of our morality to reflect better the noble teachings of Lord Jesus and his Apostles, and apply a stricter moral code to our congregations, so that no slackness or improper example may be found in us as individuals or as a social group. The times of leniency when the mediocrity of our behaviour was overlooked are gone. Now we are constantly under scrutiny, and we must live up to it.

Another response is to confess our doctrinal truths clearly and straight forward and with all certainty.

In a time when the truthfulness of our faith is challenged by atheists and sceptics, we must transmit our convictions with resolution. And do not feel insecure when we are challenged with apparent “scientific” contradictions to our faith.

These very sceptics and atheist do not confront Buddhist when this religion excuses bad behaviour or failure under the idea of Karma or condones suicide as a “way out” of the wheel of suffering.  

They do not condemn Hinduism and its despotic cast system and the idea that some people are born to be inferior, or that whatever you do, good or bad, if its your duty, it is ok.

These “scientist” do not discredit Islam and its belief that Mohammed went to the moon and back on a horse, or their sexual promiscuity.

These scholars do not challenge the grades and titles issued by the Mormon Brigham Young University in Utah, USA, for teaching as historical truth that Jews went to America before Columbus, that the American Indians had steel and rode on elephants before the middle ages and that Jesus took holidays on the Caribbean after his resurrection.   

But they do discredit Christianity as a total fallacy because assumed “historical facts” about Jesus’s birth do not match in two years; or because every gospel is not a word by word copy of the others, or because they “feel” that some words and “expressions” do not belong to this or that one, as if they had known these authors or their circumstances at the time.

Only through a high moral standard of life, personal and communal; and through a bald and convicted profession of faith, we can transmit the message to the whole world, that Christianity is here to stay, and will endure what it has endure, until the Master comes and the accounts are settled.

Omar Flores.