When the time appointed comes, and the one who holds him is taken away from his way, the Son of Lawlessness will come and will engulf the world with his efficiency and charisma.

When a level of political and economic stability has been achieved, religious and moral unity will come into play, and the Son of Perdition, assisted by a high prominent religious figure will promote religious syncretism in order to attain unity and control of human souls.

The Promoter and his court, will teach that the Jewish-Christian Scriptures are fraudulent and spurious, and that they cannot be trusted, or taken as rule of faith or conduct for anything.

When Apostolic Christians lean to their long tradition and their leaders for security, the Evil One will proclaim that there is not divine guidance over any Christian community in the world, as contradictory councils, traditions, and even the erroneous compilation of the Canon and Dogmas prove. That Tradition is nothing more than human folklore from the obscurantism.

To Jews, he will say that their Scriptures are forgeries and a compilation of legends, and that the impossibility to carry out its laws in their current circumstances only proves that their religion is not of divine origin.

To Islam he will say that their holy book is a late compilation of legends, and that not a line of its content can be attributed to their prophet, and that their traditions are of human origin and outdated.

To Buddhism and Hinduism, and all Neo movements, the Antichrist, the False Prophet and his theologians will say that nothing in their teachings are essentially contrary to their beliefs, and that since the later comes from the former, they should unite in the common cause of humanity.

A common interreligious parliament will be created, with the False Prophet as their leader, and all under the guidance and obedience to the Beast; and the true worship of God, the times and seasons will be changed, and the abomination will be placed in God’s Temple. The true Gospel of Salvation will be replaced by humanistic philosophy, and natural pragmatism, where morality and truth become relative according to needs and circumstances.

Humanity will see in this reason and goodness, and will hate all those who remain faithful to the Truth, calling them fundamentalists and sociopaths, and eventually demand their imprisonment and execution.

This will happen for a time, times and half a time, and then the Lord will return.

Omar Flores.