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When the time appointed comes, and the one who holds him is taken away from his way, the Son of Lawlessness will come and will engulf the world with his efficiency and charisma. When a level of political and economic stability has been achieved, religious and moral unity will come into play, and the Son of Perdition, assisted by a high prominent religious figure will promote religious syncretism in order to attain unity and control of human souls. The Promoter and his court, will teach that the Jewish-Christian Scriptures are fraudulent and spurious, and that they cannot be trusted, or taken as rule of faith or conduct for anything. When Apostolic Christians lean to their long tradition and their leaders for security, the Evil One will proclaim that there is not divine guidance over any Christian community in the world, as contradictory councils, traditions, and even the erroneous compilation of the Canon and Dogmas prove. That Tradition is nothing more than human folklore


Efficacious or Irresistible Grace, as it is known in Catholic and Reformed schools respectively, it is a theological term that describes God’s assistance to certain chosen people in order to preserve them for the mission or purpose they have been selected for. The term Irresistible Grace must not be confused with the Calvinist doctrine that teaches that salvation is compelled by God on the elect in a way that they cannot resists his call to come to Him. Efficacious or Irresistible Grace within a Scriptural context, is the preservation of certain people elected for specific vital missions in order that the possibility of them desisting from the mission does not occur for the sake of a higher purpose.   To understand this in proper perspective we need to analyse the types of God’s knowledge. TYPES OF GOD’s OMNISCIENCE INMEDIATE KNOWLEDGE It is the knowledge God has of all existent truths or realities, as they are. Example: The planet Earth is inhabited by intelligent,