Since the second century, the Western Christian Church has commemorated the Atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ and his Resurrection throughout the world, throughout the ages to this day, preparing herself with Fasting and Prayer as it is recommended by Apostle Paul

(1Corinthians 7:5).

On Ash Wednesday, Christians all over the world, open up the 40 days of prayer and meditation, dedicating them to God through Worship, Fasting and Abstinence.

That is, they fast and abstain from worldly pleasures, including sex on the beginning of that period, Ash Wednesday, and continue on for 46 days in Abstinence.

In more pious times in the past, that included fasting every morning, and avoiding meat and dairy products, music and sex throughout the 40 days.

These times where Christians are weak and worldly, the custom has been relaxed to only morning fasting on Ash Wednesday and avoidance of meat and dairy products for the rest of the 46 days period leading to Easter, called Lent.

On this day, while dedicating the Lent to God in public worship, Christians are rubbed with blessed ashes on the foreheads in the shape of a Cross, reminding them of the Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross.

These ashes are a modern modest representation of the ashes the holy men of old used to put on themselves are a sign of penitence, fasting and repentance before God.

(Matthew 11:21; Luke 10:13; Job 42:6; Daniel 9:3)

The public displayed of ashes, is a public declaration of faith in Christ and honour to his Name as a testimony of all mankind.

At work, at school, university, at leisure time and shopping, in whatever you do, stand proud of being a Christian; a believer in Christ, in the Gospel of Salvation by Grace; and dedicate these days to reflect in how much God loved us, that He sent his Son Jesus Christ to pay for our sins, so that we could be forgiven and come back to our Heavenly home.

Omar Flores