Most people have experienced sometime in their lives, that whenever things are going really well, all of the sudden they give a 360 degree turn and become sour or disappointing. When we least expected it and have taken things as done, they dismantle without any apparent reason leaving us perplexed and depressed.


There are four reasons why things go unexpectedly wrong, even though we have done things properly and failure should not be a logical consequence of our actions:


When God said to Adam :

“Cursed is the ground because of you; … thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you”                                                                                                                                                   (Gn 3:17-18 )

In a world like ours, separated from the Glory of God, our efforts will not always attain its final purpose. We will toil, and instead of fruit, thorns will sprout.


Some other times the deliberate actions of evil people can interfere with our plans, causing them to fail in an unexpected manner.

This can be seen in institutionalised corruption, robbery, deceit, envy and all other negative influences from outside entities, personal or institutional that deliberately takes away from us the rightful reward of our efforts.

An example of this is the case of Naboth’s vineyard (1Kg 21:1-16)


There are also the invisible evil actions of the Devil that may interfere in a direct manner to spoil our projects with the intention to undermine our Faith, our commitment to God and to finally fall into apostasy.

Sometimes Satan is allowed to test us, with God’s permission to strengthen our faith and build our character. This can be seen in unexpected and unwarranted disgraces, revoked decisions on our favour, sudden unexplained illness, etc.

The case of Job is a good example of this (Jb 1:8-12)(1Th 2:18)

4 – GOD’s WILL 

Finally, in some other cases, it is the express will of God which stops us from attaining what we intended. We may think some decision is correct and proceed on a plan, but God, for our own good, or the good of others, and sometimes as punishment, stops deliberately things to go as plan.

An example of this is found in the parable of the Rich Fool (Lk 12:16-21)


1 - In all of these cases, we must stop for a moment and analyse carefully if we have not committed a mistake that could have been avoided and that it may have caused the failure.

2 - After personal human error has been discarded, we can expect any of these four reasons already mentioned to be in play or a combination of them.

In all of these cases, we must come to God in prayer and ask for his Mercy and Grace and his Protection. God wants us to come to Him.  He is waiting and devil or not, the purpose of the Tests is to bring you closer to God, so do it, do not wait, do not keep submerged in worry and distance yourself from God; that is what the devil wants. He wants you to fail, make him fail doing what he doesn’t want you to do, which is to seek refuge in our Heavenly Father.

3 – After praying and asking God for protection and assistance, go to Confession and ask Absolution from your local Minister, and take Holy Communion, sanctify your body and soul, and offered to God all your works and plans.

4 – If the means allow it, try again, planning carefully all the steps to follow,

5 – Finally, be patient.  Whether you give it another go or you can’t because your means have exhausted, your means will replenish again, your strength, your imagination, your finances, and every things that you need.

All Tests have a start, a peak and an end. You just have to pass it, like a sea wave, and come out upright to the other side.

Once this cycle has passed, the devil is ordered away from you and the over abounding Grace of God will cover you generously again.

Omar Flores